Saturday, 7 November 2015

Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November | Lifestyle

....gun powder, treason and plot! 

I am a massive fan of bonfire night, ever since I was younger I'd love going to my local village's firework display and pretending I'm a witch from Harry Potter casting a spell with my sparkler! Although the excitement of the 5th of November has reduced since growing up, I still love watching fireworks and creating pretty patterns with the sparklers, there's something so relaxing about it all (even though the noise is horrific!) Every year my family and I have a mini firework display in our back-garden, and luckily it is big enough to have amazing, bright and loud fireworks. Also we can't forget the sparklers! 

There's something about fireworks night that makes me feel so autumnal and cosy, even though you are standing outside the bright lights and bonfires makes me SO excited for the rest of November and of course December. Fireworks night is like the end of the autumn holidays and the Christmassy vibes come in!! 

I hope you had a lovely 5th of November whether you had your own display or supported your local villages/towns. 

Love Hannah

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Simple (Last Minute) Halloween Outfits | Fashion

I am always one for a well put together, extravagant, crazy halloween costume but sometimes life can take over and you're left with one week to find something to wear to that halloween party that you've put at the back of your mind. Luckily, you don't need to get an amazing costume to look halloween ready and thankfully ASOS have an amazing halloween range. 

Everything featured in this range are very wearable, cute yet still 'halloweeny' pieces that will still make you look like you've made an outfit! I love how the pieces in the range vary from party wear to slouchy stay at home wear. Sometimes, I think these sort of last minute outfits look even better than a ridiculously priced costume! You don't always have to go over the top! 

I've picked my favourites from the range and hopefully it'll give you some inspiration if you are in last minute halloween panic! Even if you are just going for the classic cat look, you'll be able to find something perfect in this range. 

Love Hannah 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Guinot Skincare | Beauty

When it comes to skincare, I am (shamefully) the worst at it. I can never find the right products for my skin and going to ask 'professionals' in stores really immediate me! So when I went for a spa day on holiday the therapist recommended a few products from the brand Guinot. This was extremely helpful as she knew exactly what my skin needed and I defiantly trusted her opinion!

Although it has taken me since August to get my hands on these products, I am so glad I finally caved in, and of course what new purchase that I am very pleased with will not feature on my blog?! 

Hydra Tendre Soft Wash-Off Cleansing Cream
This rich, creamy cleanser claims to 'eliminate impurities' and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean yet still hydrated. It does exactly this. I love this cleanser because it's so nourishing yet it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or greasy especially because it is a cream. I use this after taking the basis of my makeup off so it ensures that any excess dirt or makeup is fully off of my skin. This cleanser has left my skin feeling not only clean and non-dry but also a lot brighter and healthier.  

Gomme Eclat Pargait Perfect Radiance Exfoliation Cream
The exfoliation cream contains shea beads to remove dead skin cells, brighten and nourish the skin. The shea beads are incredible at doing just that and surprisingly it feels lovely when massaging the cream into the skin. This exfoliate does have a slight scent but it isn't too overpowering or off-putting. I use this exfoliater two times a week in the evening to get rid of that layer of dead skin, and it leaves my skin looking bright and glowing.

Overall, I would highly recommend these two products. They're perfect for all combinations of skin, very nourishing and amazing for the skin. I've only been using these products for 3 weeks yet they've already made a good impact on the appearance of my skin. I will for sure be re-purchasing these! 

Love Hannah

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sketch | Lifestyle

On Saturday, my friends and I went into London to celebrate one of their 18th birthdays at an amazing restaurant called Sketch. Situated in Mayfair, the restaurant brings it's own character and personality the minute you walk through the main entrance. The restaurant itself has 5 eating rooms, we ate in the room named 'Gallery'....hence the hundreds of interesting art work on the wall. 

This room was very fitting for us 4. It felt very youthful, vibrant and full of life. Plus everything with pink! The chairs were comfortable, it wasn't too noisy and the staff were extremely friendly. 


I think I could eat the food over and over again. Even looking at this picture is making me hungry! I had this vegan noodle soap, with tofu, mushroom, spinach and, garlic. It was SO delicious! On the sides I went for a not so healthy plate of chips, but the chips were also amazing so I can't really feel guilty!

We also had some amazing cocktails called 'Sketch Spirtz'. It contained champagne, grapefruit and pomegranate so you can understand why the cocktail was literally fluorescent pink! This was also amazing.

Never being to Sketch before, I was unsure of what to wear especially there was no dress code on the website! So I thought I'd go settle for smart-casual but slightly more towards the smart side. The main focal point of my outfit is the lovely mauve duster coat from Missguided in an very faux suede material. The colour of this coat is gorgeous and I could not resist I did blend in nicely with the surroundings! Underneath I wore a very simple cami nude dress. This dress is elegant, comfortable and with the silkiness it adds that little touch of glam (it also hid my food baby!). 

On my feet I decided to wear these nude fluffy heels to complement the nude dress and a very sparkly silver clutch!

PLEASE excuse the horrendous, totally awful quality of this picture!! 

Love Hannah

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Mid October Favourites


 ASOS Watch 
I never use to be a big wearer of watches. I found them a bit clumpy and 'boyish' on my tiny wrists so I never really delved into the watch industry. However when looking through the ASOS website and coming across this watch, I fell in love with it and for only £12.99 I had to buy it. I love the elegance and classic look of it, the gold and black complements each other so well and it always makes me feel that little more put together and ready for the day! 

Guinot Skincare products 
I purchased these products at the beginning of the month and haven't looked back. There will be a whole separate post dedicated to these two products so I won't go into full detail about them, but they're so gentle, so good my skin and have really made a whole lot of difference to the appearance and touch of my skin. 

True Match Foundation 
I fell in love with foundation a year ago but sort of went of it in the new year and didn't use it since but some part of me wanted to re-try it and I'm so glad I did. I love the coverage it gives, not too full and cacky but still enough to cover any redness or discolouration. The duration of this foundation is amazing and the silkiness of it on the skin makes it feel invisible! 

Quite an odd favourite but I really am loving them at the moment. I love them in other people's houses, I love in shops, I love in my room..I just love seeing them everywhere! It's always nice to have some sort of greeny in your room or somewhere in your house and I feel like they're a lot easier to maintain then flowers because they last a lot longer and give off a different, more interesting look. I have one fake one which is from IKEA and my two real ones are from Homebase!

UO Rings 
I really don't need anymore rings, my collection is growing rapidly but what made these rings stand out was the simplicity of them. There's 8 rings; some midi, some 'normal'; different textures; different designs but they're not too loud and in your face which I love. They're perfect everyday rings, especially if you want to wear a little bit more jewellery. They're perfect!

Marble Phone Case
I've loved the marble cases for such a long time, but the cheapest I could find was like £30! I am not one for expensive phone cases so when I came across this faux marble phone case for only £3 on amazon I was acetic. I was a bit wary of it because it was only £3 but when it came it was perfect. The design is simplistic and pretty and the most important thing it protects my phone perfectly!

Love Hannah

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Autumn Lips | Beauty

Autumn is my favourite season to start experimenting more with my makeup, but in particular my lipsticks. I feel like it's more 'socially accepted' to get out your darkest berries or blackest purples. Personally, I love going for berry and brown toned lipsticks, I find these colours work best with my skin tone and my blue eyes...but that doesn't mean I don't occasionally wear my favourite dark purple lipstick! 

No7 Sassy - This colour is one of my favourites for Autumn. It's a really lovely purple shade, but not as dark as my other purple lipstick, so it's definitly much more wearable for the daytime. It also has a hint of shimmer in it which at first I wasn't too keen on, but I think it does add more of a glam and unique finish on the lips. 

Collection Scorned - This is my darkest colour. It's an, almost black, purple colour with quite a glossy finish. I love wearing this colour in the evenings, or if I want my lips to be the focal point as I feel like wearing this colour with dark eyes may be too much for me! I've loved this colour for nearly 2 years and it's never let me down! 

Rimmel London Amethyst Shimmer - Out of all the colours, this is probably my most worn lipstick and I'll always reach for this one when I'm rushing out the door because it's such a long-wearable, glossy, lovely shade of aubergine. This lipstick screams Autumn! 

Rimmel London Coffee Shimmer - This lipstick is definitely not new to my blog, it's featured quite a lot and so it's no surprise that it's making a feature on this post! This lipstick is a gorgeous brown shimmery shade which works so well with my skin tone. I've been wearing an awful lot lately and always gotten so many compliments! 

Rimmel London 80 - This last shade is the most nude of them all. What I really love about this shade, is that although it is quite a nude colour it still has that hint of berry colour so it's still perfect for Autumn. I'd wear this lipstick if I was going for a really simple, neutral 'no makeup' look with a hint of glam.

Love Hannah

Sunday, 20 September 2015

What Would Audrey Do? | Lifestyle

Audrey Hepburn. Everyone knows of her, everyone wants to look like her and everyone looks up to her and when I got the chance to go to the Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, I was ecstatic. 

I knew even before going to the exhibition that I wanted some sort of book to keep as a memo, whether that would be an autobiography or a collection of photographs. But when I saw 'What Would Audrey Do?' I immediately picked it up. 

Everything about this book is so special. Starting with the cover, that drew me towards it to begin with, I feel in love with the delicate font, the black and red (very Hepburn-esque) colour and then the selling point: 'Timeless Lessons for Living with Grace and Style'. Being a 21st century, modern teen the fashion of living with grace, I think, has disappeared to an extent. Personally, style and grace is what I live for! 

The inside is separated into 10 categories of situations, circumstances and personal things that allow you to understand, literally, what Audrey would do. For example, the fashion and personal appearance chapter which is my personal favourite, tells you how to do your hair, makeup, how to dress like Audrey would. Now, I'm completely all about the 'do you' trend but if, like me, you look up to Audrey Hepburn it's lovely to have an insight into how she dressed and what styles and makeup she was into. 

It's not all about what's on the outside, in fact, what I love a lot about this book, is that most of the chapters are based on things that everyone goes through like work struggles, heartbreak and romance, for example, so it's such a useful book for gaining tips as well as knowing what to do if Hepburn was in that situation! Although, because the society when she was alive and in her younger days is a LOT different to how it is know so some of the points I don't necessarily agree with, like not being allowed to ask a boy out which is incredibly old fashioned if I do say so myself, but overall I think it's more of a book that helps you and guides into making more morally, accepted decisions. 

I'll sit down with a cup of tea with this book and could read it over and over again. It's not one of those books that you can only read once and it's also not one of those books that you have to read book to front. If I need some advice, I'll just pick the relevant chapter and read that! That's is why it's the perfect book - there's no right or wrong way of reading it. 

I would recommend this book strongly, especially if you're not a heavy reader. It's written beautifully, the advice is so helpful and overall it's just an amazing insight into the mind of an amazing woman. 

Love Hannah